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5 Common Stabilizers and Fragrance Bases

July 21, 2015
Cologne elements contain several different compounds and compounds. These organic and artificial compounds are needed to develop different scents for the perfume. The major perfume ingredients are split into several categories, including synthetic perfumes, essential oils, bases and stabilizers.

Perfume is generated by using a fragrance and base ingredient. The smell ingredient makes up 25 to 50% of your fragrance and will depend on synthetic fragrances or essential oils. The base of the cologne could account for 35 to 75% on the parfum. This is made up using a liquid solution like water or alcohol. A perfume could also add a stabilizer agent that can help maintain the fragrance preventing the breakdown of components.

In this article are some of the major cologne bases and stabilizers:

Ethyl Alcohol

A large proportion of the perfumes on the market include a foundation of ethyl alcohol (also referred to as pure alcohol or ethanol). The bottom mixture is known for being able to vaporize quickly. It is very successful at retaining the cologne compound and will very easily dissolve in to the skin. Also, there is an organic alternate known as denatured alcohol.

Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl benzoate (otherwise known as benzyl alcohol or benzoic acid) is a common stabilizer or fixative in a long list of perfumes. It is naturally taken from many type of plants. When the compound is put into the perfumes component, it will help to improve the degree of stability. Benzyl benzoate is impressive at maintaining the scent profile and can ensure the perfume stays the same for quite a while.


The phthalates compound (also referred to as diethyl phthalate) is another of the stabilizers utilized in perfume. This is a very common element in perfume and probably will attribute in about 65% in the fragrances in the marketplace. It functions comparable to benzyl benzoate so enabling to keep the aroma profile of the parfum.

Distilled Water

The water added to perfume is certain to undergo a distillation process to help with extracting minerals or chemicals which may affect the quality of the stability or perfume profile. Distilled water can be listed on the perfume bottle as aqua and makes up a large percentage of the fragrances content.

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